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The original Star Wars Trilogy: an unthinkable cultural force

Original trilogy The extent to which Star Wars has changed our culture can never be overstated, and that’s because of one reason: It resonated. How did it resonate? It spoke to ALL of us, both individually and as part of a society. When we sat down to watch A New Hope, we knew we wereContinue reading “The original Star Wars Trilogy: an unthinkable cultural force”

Knives Out: A landmark film, personally and culturally

Every time I hear some half-baked, anti-intellectual political take escape the mouth of anyone in mainstream filmmaking, I can’t help but think that they just don’t understand their main goal as artists: Maintain the illusion … at all costs. It means everything. Whether they know it or not, every time they utter some useless invective,Continue reading “Knives Out: A landmark film, personally and culturally”

The cultural importance of Star Wars

It’s hard to imagine anything more important in our culture than Star Wars. Yes, there are ideas and archetypes we share, but only one story has been passed down artistically and socially from generation to generation in such a comprehensive manner … and that is Star Wars. Star Wars IS our culture. It’s completely magicalContinue reading “The cultural importance of Star Wars”