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Knives Out: A landmark film, personally and culturally

Every time I hear some half-baked, anti-intellectual political take escape the mouth of anyone in mainstream filmmaking, I can’t help but think that they just don’t understand their main goal as artists: Maintain the illusion … at all costs. It means everything. Whether they know it or not, every time they utter some useless invective,Continue reading “Knives Out: A landmark film, personally and culturally”

Death of the Author — Birth of the Reader

One of the worst things one can hear during a literary discussion is “yeah, but did the author intend that.” Never being one for psycho-analysis, my response to that was always “who cares?” In the end, that response is fine, as long as you can support your ideas, but it’s always good to have someContinue reading “Death of the Author — Birth of the Reader”