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We must never forget the massacre at Waco

On this day in 1993, ATF and FBI agents burned and gunned down men, women, and children. Bill Clinton was president, and his administration oversaw it. Chuck Schumer and the Democrats covered it up. Hillary Clinton worked behind the scenes in this murderous episode in our history. The government used nerve gas fired with pyro-technicContinue reading “We must never forget the massacre at Waco”

Culture war: Homefront — conversations with my daughter

A cornerstone of Ancient Greek thought was that the family was the root of its culture and provided the very foundation of the city-state. This revolutionary line of thought continued all the way through the writings of the great Pope John Paul II. Time has not been able to destroy this philosophy, and neither hasContinue reading “Culture war: Homefront — conversations with my daughter”

STAR WARS: Vector Prime — a world-building adventure

It’s easy to understand fans’ frustrations with the Star Wars sequels when you consider the giant time gap between films. From where we left Luke Skywalker and his friends in Return of the Jedi to where we pick up with them in The Force Awakens could easily leave a lot of fans disappointed. What happenedContinue reading “STAR WARS: Vector Prime — a world-building adventure”

Death of the Author — Birth of the Reader

One of the worst things one can hear during a literary discussion is “yeah, but did the author intend that.” Never being one for psycho-analysis, my response to that was always “who cares?” In the end, that response is fine, as long as you can support your ideas, but it’s always good to have someContinue reading “Death of the Author — Birth of the Reader”

The cultural importance of Star Wars

It’s hard to imagine anything more important in our culture than Star Wars. Yes, there are ideas and archetypes we share, but only one story has been passed down artistically and socially from generation to generation in such a comprehensive manner … and that is Star Wars. Star Wars IS our culture. It’s completely magicalContinue reading “The cultural importance of Star Wars”

The battle for ideas rages

For every movement, there is a counter-movement — something to oppose it. This is the essential idea of the culture war, and it is not contained by boarders or governments. It is a human conflict. We are born free — into life of individual opportunity only contained by what we can imagine. We develop ourContinue reading “The battle for ideas rages”