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Isolating the people

The elite has always sought to divide the people.

Even before the Civil War, the very concept of  black and white was devised to keep us from uniting against the powerful — and often tyrannical. These tactics continue to evolve today: Right versus Left, rich versus poor — hell, the government can’t even stay out of sports, because thousands base their identity and outlook on other cities and states based on their team allegiance.

Now, comes the worst division since the color scheme: Masks. As anti-science as telling people they’re different based on the color of their skin, masks are a physical device literally placed in the most effective area for silencing people.

It is working.

How many more videos will emerge of little brown shirts harassing those not wearing masks in public?

Like everything the left does, this is painted in the IDEA of good intentions, just above the surface of police state tactics. While simultaneously bleating about “defund the police” movements, those who make up the mask brigade, support the use of government force to make those, who otherwise will not, comply.

It’s not too different than the environment in Afghanistan, where the morality guards beat women who show too much of their face.

The science of mask-wearing is so inconclusive that even the fearful cry “well … it can’t hurt!”

The fact that wearing one can actually cause more physical damage is about the only science that is conclusive, but it hurts socially and culturally as well.

Besides being absolutely claustrophobic, masks alienate us from one another — again … exactly what the elite wants. We can’t even see expressions on each other’s faces, and worse, they actually spread the culture of fear faster than any virus. 

Wear the mask if you want — just don’t play into the elite’s plan.

Published by Vince Taddei

The best jobs in the world are being a husband and father. When not spending time with my family, I coach the Speech and Debate team at Cardinal Mooney High School, where I also do public relations and marketing work. The rare free moments in my life are spent reading, and scribbling notes about stories I want to write. My first novel, Tempest Effect, is available on Amazon.

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