Star Wars is our story

The whole “May the Fourth Be With You” is ridiculous. Maybe it’s just me as an original fan born in a small theater in 1977, but it’s artificial and vapid. That being said … it still draws attention to the fact that May is the month of Star Wars — and it always will be.

For so many of us, this month has been circled on calendars for years of our lives. And seven times (counting Solo: A Star Wars story, of course) starting in 1977, May has brought a new Star Wars film.

While those special few days powered imaginations and formed memories for millions, they were simply the end of a rainbow made of days upon days of letting imaginations blossom, speculating with friends, gathering collectibles, reading books and comics, or any other outlet that opened the door for your entrance in that Galaxy Far, Far Away.

These films and everything that branched from them, are a part of us because they are our story. Their spine was built on Joseph Campbell mythology, and with that a clear reflection of our story, our struggle, our hopes, our dreams, our defeats, and our victories.

No other element of our culture — especially in the popular realm — has accomplished this. For our criminally short time on this Earth, Star Wars has meant so much to so many people.

Throughout the month of May, TheCultureCrusade will celebrate this story, with the focus always on how it related to the human condition. This will include reviews of the three separate trilogies, why the film Rogue One is pure genius, why the Legends stories matter, an analysis on Kathleen Kennedy, and much more.

May the FORCE be with you!

Published by Vince Taddei

The best jobs in the world are being a husband and father. When not spending time with my family, I coach the Speech and Debate team at Cardinal Mooney High School, where I also do public relations and marketing work. The rare free moments in my life are spent reading, and scribbling notes about stories I want to write. My first novel, Tempest Effect, is available on Amazon.

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