We must never forget the massacre at Waco

On this day in 1993, ATF and FBI agents burned and gunned down men, women, and children.

Bill Clinton was president, and his administration oversaw it.

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats covered it up.

Hillary Clinton worked behind the scenes in this murderous episode in our history.

The government used nerve gas fired with pyro-technic rounds — all are banned by the 1993 Chemical Weapons Treaty.

This all happened, and it’s hard to tell if the lessons were learned. 

Besides the strangely loyal obsession people still have to the Clintons, citizens still haven’t grasped one simple concept: If they want you, they will get you.

Author James Bovard summarized it best:

“Waco illustrates how, if the feds decide to vilify someone, their prior efforts to comply with the law will vanish from the record. In July 1992, ATF agent Davy Aguilera visited the Branch Davidians’ gun dealer, Henry McMahon, who suggested the Davidians were illegally converting semiautomatic firearms to full automatic firing capacity, a federal felony. When Davidian leader David Koresh was told that allegation, he invited Aguilera to visit the Davidians’ residence and carry out an on-the-spot inspection. Aguilera refused the invitation and his subsequent affidavit application to search the Davidians’ residence “contained an incredible number of false statements,” according to a 1996 congressional report.”

In the decades that have passed, the government book-lickers have been deployed to help cover up this massacre. To them, I would ask one question: Why were 11 victims aquitted for conspiracy to commit murder against federal agents? 

They walked because facets of the United States government feared their existence, and that can’t happen to the Leviathan. 

The reaction from this didn’t spark war because people didn’t care. Movies were rolling, games were being played, and the facade of a great economy was booming.

I feel that the next time the government acts like this, the reaction will not be the same. 

In my opinion, that spark rests with abortion. In the middle of this lie that gives life to this black mass rests a civil rights issue. We must begin to see the truth behind this bloodshed so this does not happen.

The sould of the children at Waco will never forget our silence.

Published by Vince Taddei

The best jobs in the world are being a husband and father. When not spending time with my family, I coach the Speech and Debate team at Cardinal Mooney High School, where I also do public relations and marketing work. The rare free moments in my life are spent reading, and scribbling notes about stories I want to write. My first novel, Tempest Effect, is available on Amazon.

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