The battle for ideas rages

For every movement, there is a counter-movement — something to oppose it. This is the essential idea of the culture war, and it is not contained by boarders or governments.

It is a human conflict.

We are born free — into life of individual opportunity only contained by what we can imagine. We develop our character and morals through voluntary associations in environments of self-governance. Man did not give us any of this, so man can not take it away from us.

In the United States of America, we have enjoyed these principals as part of our founding beliefs — they are literally engrained in our original documents. Because if this, our land has become ground zero for the culture war.

Liberty, freedom, and justice are at the front of this war, but what unites it all is life. The enemies of these ideas know this — it’s why the battle has moved into this most sacred arena. If the forces of relativism and secularism win this, all is lost.

This is why we all must fight for every heart, every mind, every page of literature, every scene in a film, every lyric in a song. All art is social — all art is political … but that doesn’t mean that it can’t negotiate entertainment with its audience. It just has to be about something.

Join me to discuss everything across the entire spectrum of our culture — literature, film, sports, economics, music, art, theater, politics, history, or anything that can advance our destiny of freedom.

Thank you!

Published by Vince Taddei

The best jobs in the world are being a husband and father. When not spending time with my family, I coach the Speech and Debate team at Cardinal Mooney High School, where I also do public relations and marketing work. The rare free moments in my life are spent reading, and scribbling notes about stories I want to write. My first novel, Tempest Effect, is available on Amazon.

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